Services provided

  • One to one phone consultations and support for men and women struggling with anger problems at a fixed fee of $50 per hour. Includes long distance via SKYPE.
  • When possible – Anger Skills groups sessions
  • Workshops and presentations for professionals working with angry clients
  • Public education and awareness talks on anger skills development
  • Access to our online Anger Skills course for a fixed fee

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Why “Anger Skills” and not “Anger Management”?

Most such programs will talk about something called “Anger Management” but we prefer anger skills as we do not believe that the feeling and expressing of anger are something to be “managed”. Feeling angry is something that all human beings are capable of and entitled to. Finding the balance between the appropriate and healthy expression of those feelings and self or other harming anger is what “anger skills” is all about.

Our belief is that everyone can learn new skills to be better able to feel and express anger when it is appropriate. We are concerned that clients receive the wrong message when they are taught to believe that anger is something they must keep “managing” for the rest of their lives. Anger is not an addiction but one of a number of emotions that help us to be whole and healthy human beings.


At Endhazing we are committed to preventing hazing practices from taking place but we are also here to help when an incident has been disclosed.

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Focussed on working with individual men and organizations that are committed to ending the use of violence by men in their relationships – with their female partners, towards other men and against children.

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