Services provided

  • One to one phone consultations and support for men and women struggling with anger problems at a fixed fee of $50 per hour. Includes long distance via SKYPE.
  • When possible – Anger Skills groups sessions
  • Workshops and presentations for professionals working with angry clients
  • Public education and awareness talks on anger skills development
  • Access to our online Anger Skills course for a fixed fee

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A Brief Anger Test

Answer the questions as honestly as you can. This is not a scientific test but simply one measure of whether or not you may need some help with the way you feel and express your anger.

  1. Have you physically hurt or assaulted anyone while you were angry since you became an adult? If so, think about how often you have done this.

  2. Are other people afraid of you?

  3. Have you been arrested, charged or convicted of an assault or threatening assault against another person?

  4. Do you have angry revenge fantasies that preoccupy you and distract you from work or your personal life?

  5. Do you drive with anger? Have you chased down another driver for cutting you off? Do you swear at or threaten other drivers, pedestrians or cyclists?

  6. Have you lost a job because of your anger?

  7. Have you lost friends because of your anger?

  8. Do you yell at, threaten, belittle or attempt to intimidate others when you are feeling angry?

  9. Have you lost a relationship, a spouse because of your anger?

  10. Have you been charged with assaulting your spouse or your children?

  11. Do your adult children now avoid you because of your history of anger with them?

  12. Have you destroyed property with your anger since becoming an adult?

  13. Have you ever accidentally caused yourself bodily injury because of your anger?

  14. Have you ever deliberately caused yourself bodily injury because of your anger (self mutilation, scalding, banging head etc.)

  15. Have you an eating disorder or an addiction? Do you act out on this addiction when you are feeling angry?

  16. Have you ever had angry thoughts/fantasies about hurting yourself including suicide?

  17. Have other people asked you “why are you so angry?” when you did not think that you were feeling angry?

  18. Are you tired of feeling out of control with your anger? Tired of others being afraid you? Tired of being in trouble with the law? Are you lonely because of what your anger has done to your life?

If you can answer yes to any one of the above questions it may be time for you to seek out help. If you can answer yes to more than one of the above questions it is well past time that you sought help with your anger.



At Endhazing we are committed to preventing hazing practices from taking place but we are also here to help when an incident has been disclosed.

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Focussed on working with individual men and organizations that are committed to ending the use of violence by men in their relationships – with their female partners, towards other men and against children.

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